I am learning just because something is working for someone doesn’t mean it’s biblical. Just because it’s biblical doesn’t mean the circumstances will be the same for you. Other people’s life shouldn’t be a formula, it should be an encouragement to keep trusting God for your potion. God is no respecter of men but we have to remember that He will do it in His own way and timing. I am learning not covet other people’s breakthroughs, blessings or deliverance process and allow God to give me His custom-made blessings that He has for me since the beginning of the world. I am learning that my blessings can only fit mean and all I have to do its trust.


There will be times when you will have to give up your dreams and desires, but the Lord will place within you His own dreams and His desires for your life. The time is NOW


About my look: I have 3 gingham pieces in my summer wardrobe. This shirt dress is the second one. Nothing like a shirt dress in the summer and the lace details make it look soft.






Dress: Primark