Today I am sharing a vulnerable side of me in hope it will encourage someone. Getting a second chance at love is something I wrestle with a lot. My negative thought process is: I had a chance and I missed the mark; how dare I ask for another chance when they are people who haven’t had a  chance yet. But this morning the Holy Spirit whispered to me Christ died for second chances so don’t let religion, people unbeliefs and experiences taint God’s goodness to match your insecurity. God is good God  but the thing is most people process God’s love through human eyes, understanding, perspectives and own limits. 

I  decided to put in God’s hands and say Father my heart is a mess come in Jesus love the guilt, shame and regret out of my heart and make me whole. 

About my look: I thought I was done with gingham until I saw this dress and it was under $25 dollars. It just so elegant and perfect for this weekend. 

Dress: Target, Who What Wear 

Shoes and bag: Target